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R&E Bamford Ltd. are a third generation, independently owned company who have been involved in the Animal Feed and Pet Trade for over 70 years. Originally founded in Bretherton by Robert Bamford, grandfather of the current generation, the business was re-located in 1995 to its present 5-acre site, a modern well-equipped mill on the outskirts of Leyland, Lancashire.

The Bamford family has always had a keen interest in livestock, feathered or four legged, and knowledge of nutritional requirements has very often come first hand. Involvement at breeding and performance levels as well as administrative and sponsorship links, has also led to a strong interwining of business, hobby and sport, with successful benefits for each aspect.

The main business of Bamfords lies in the supply of bird and petfoods in bulk bags: cage and aviary bird, wild bird, & pi

Bamfords Top Flight Pigeon Food formulations are the result of 50 years experience in breeding and racing pigeons. Only the best quality ingredients are expertly cleaned, blended and polished using the latest production techniques. The company is also a major sponsor of the pigeon racing sport. Some of the organisations we support are..

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